September 2015 - Are You Satisfied?

Transparency, learning and a desire to improve ourselves and our specializations are cornerstones of Veidan. At the end of the summer, we carried out a periodic customer satisfaction survey among our customers. Now, after we have finished analyzing the results, we are happy to share them, as well as the conclusions and insights that we have learned, with you. In the past we used to hold telephone surveys once a year, but this year, for the first time, we did an electronic survey that was send out in our monthly newsletter and in a link that was attached to the invoices.
In this blog post, we want to share a little about what happened behind the scenes of the survey, besides the “dry facts”, and why we chose an electronic survey.
There are two drawbacks to doing a telephone survey. First, from the customer’s viewpoint, a “surprise” phone call does not always come at a convenient time, while an electronic survey gives the customer flexibility in answering. Second, the actual conversation with the service representative is a significant factor in taking the survey and could cause the customer to be uncomfortable giving honest feedback.
For these two reasons, and because a phone survey is so 2012, we used an electronic survey. I want to start by thanking all those who responded. Anyone who did not yet respond and would like to share their opinion – we’d love to hear it:
The survey itself is divided into three parts:
-          Customer Service and Tech Support
-          Customer Relations and Sales
-          Finance and Administration
And of course an open question at the end, or “anything else you wanted to tell us that we didn’t ask.”
From here we move onto the results, and of course, what we are taking upon ourselves to implement:
In the Customer Service and Tech Support Department
About 90% of the responders are happy with the quality of the service, the courtesy, response time and professionalism of our service representatives. This is obviously a statistic that makes us very happy. We also take upon ourselves to keep and retain our employees and if needed, recruit more high-quality staff, train them for excellent service and professionalism.
In the Customer Relations and Sales Department
About 85% are satisfied with the service and professionalism of their account manager, but… we also learned that that sometimes the customers don’t know who their account manager is. Naturally, here and there an account manager switches or specific customers are moved to other account managers for various reasons. Even though with every change we update the customer via email and try to have a phone conversation introducing the new account manager, the information doesn’t always get saved or spread within the organization. We are taking on ourselves to improve this and find other ways to update and customers and save the information so that the customer always knows who to turn to.
In the Finance and Administration Departments
We learned that our bills and invoices are clear and with the transfer to digital invoices, the process was made even easier and more environmentally friendly.  Most of the responses did say that you want to receive the bills and invoices in the same email, as opposed to what is done today. The reason that it is done in two emails is because the information is pulled from two different systems. We are working on making the necessary technological change that will join the two. It’s the best way we can serve out customers.
And for the Open Question
The truth is, the open question is always the most interesting :-). There may not be a clear score, and a single comment may not teach us anything about the rest of the customers, but we still received some interesting feedback.
Some comments reinforced the conclusions that we came to from the earlier answers, they are important issues and will be taken care of. We also received positive feedback on the quality of our service on a personal level (thank you to Elisheva our Virtual Event Manager, to Ruth in tech support and Einav in taking care of various issues and malfunctions).
That’s it for now, thank you for taking the time to give us feedback. We are here for you, even after the survey, and will do everything in our power to improve.
See you next time,