October 2014 - What is Your Company’s Conference Room Called?

Have you ever thought about how conference rooms are named and what that says about the company?
Professional corporate literature places a lot of importance on the names of conference rooms and insists that giving creative names helps raise morale among employees. This is because it helps the employees create a unique social culture that, at times, can even spread outwards to visitors who come to the company.
We wandered a bit through companies and found common motifs or themes in the names given to the conference rooms in any company or building. It feels like there was a lot of attention paid to the name, especially if the room is intended for meetings that are not just internal, but also include the presence of clients and external factors.
So here are a few common recurring groups of names that are used to name conference rooms:
  • Trees native to Israel - olive, oak, carob, fig, willow, pomegranate, palm, sycamore.
  • Areas in Israel – often hinting at the location of the room in the building – for northern rooms – Galil, Hermon; for southern rooms – Negev, Arava; for western rooms – Carmel, Coast; and for eastern rooms – Gilad, Gilboa.
  • Gems - emerald, onyx, diamond, sapphire, topaz, citrine.
  • Rivers – Yarkon, Jordan, Alexander, Tzin. Here there is generally also an indication of the location of the room.
  • Planets - Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn.
  • Names where the first letter indicates the floor they are located on – Garden for ground floor, Ark for the first floor, Boat for the second floor, Container for the third floor, etc.
  • Technical numbering – a combination of letters and numbers that indicate the floor, area on the floor and sometimes, the number of participants it can hold. For example: D3,3095,10 – this room is located on the third floor in area D, its number is 3095 (according to the room numbering system on the floor) and it can hold 10 people.
And back to us at Veidan. What happens in the virtual world? Here there is really no significance to the location in the country or in the building. The virtual audio and video meeting rooms are available from anywhere, in Israel and around the world. Though sometimes, they are limited to a specific number of participants that the company has pre-determined.
In our experience in the virtual world, we have noticed that naming conference rooms is often tied to the size of the company. In general, in companies that only have a few virtual conference rooms, the names of the rooms will be according to the different departments in the company – management, marketing, finance, human resources, etc. Each department has its own virtual conference room available and uses it as though it was a regular conference room.
At the other end of the spectrum are the companies in which each manager above a certain level gets their own virtual conference room and they are named after the specific room owner – Moshe, David, etc. In companies where conferencing is part of their daily activities, sometimes each employee gets their own conference room as per their needs and can host meetings that they organize.
Unfortunately, it seems that in the virtual world, the creativity in naming conference rooms has disappeared. Maybe because they don’t need to indicate their physical location? It’s a shame, because in video conference rooms the name of the room can be seen by all the participants in the invitation and throughout the conference.
So we would appreciate it if you would share with us your ideas for creative names for virtual conference rooms and we will be happy to offer them to our customers. Maybe in this way we can make our own small contribution to bringing back the creativity :-).
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