April 2016 -The Wisdom of Crowds is proof again

It took exactly one hour from the time the event began until we went our separate ways.
When you don’t have to drive somewhere, look for parking, drive back home and let the babysitter leave, things are much easier.
Our customer event, held two weeks ago, proved that we can do things differently and more efficiently, while still being no less special or enjoyable. So what took place?

In the afternoon we connected the computers and cameras, tested the microphones, turned on the lights and waited in anticipation for the evening.
An hour before the event was to begin, Lior Zoref, expert on “The Wisdom of Crowds” and Michal Neve, the sign language interpreter, showed up. We all gathered in the conference room and did the final checks before the presentation. We even managed a quick coffee break.

Just a few minutes before 9 o’clock, we switched to Live Mode. The cameras were turned on (on mute at first) and the guests (You: our Veidan Customers) started signing in to the virtual event, one after the other.

Fashionably late by one minute, we turned on the microphones and the event began.
After my opening remarks, Lior Zoref took center stage and shared with us The Wisdom of Crowds and its impact on our lives.
From time to time, between slides, pictures and video clips (with the technical support of Ruth working behind the scenes), the participants could share their opinions through digital voting, thereby turning the lecture into an interactive presentation.

There was even time for a Q&A and Lior answered questions that were ranked by the participants in terms of relevance of importance.
This platform of a multiple-party call proved to be successful and helped demonstrate the power of the wisdom of crowds, once again.

Since the event, we have received many positive reactions from participants who enjoyed watching the presentation and also taking part actively, without having to be there physically.
We are already thinking about the next event…

In the meantime, if you were unable to make it, you are welcome to watch the full video of our customer event.

We had a great time and hope you did to!

See you at the next event or blog update.

Have a happy Passover,