September 2017 - That was 60 Seconds of …

Video Conference is our “bread and butter”, we eat, sleep and breathe it daily with our customers and of course, use it ourselves, primarily with customers and suppliers.Video clips and video content is another thing. The world is moving toward video content, or is there already. So we decided to give you a little new content, in video form of course.
Our website serves primarily as a source of content about the world of conferencing and the various servers that Veidan provides. There is information for our present customers, potential customers and anyone interested in the field of conferencing technologies. Most of the site includes textual content, here and there are some graphics and pictures.
There are great advantages to using textual content, especially in the ability to get down to the nitty-gritty details, but in today’s dynamic world, the disadvantage is in the ability to keep visitors on the website, reading all of it. The integration of both worlds would seem like the proper solution.
We had two purposes to our video clip project: One, to convey clear and simple messages about the different services we provide. And two, to condense all the information into videos that were no more than one or two minutes.
We started the process by writing a brief, the content and messages that were important for us to convey in each clip. Then we edited the script for each clip, we touched it up, erased, moved and changed it until we were satisfied with the outcome.
Presenter… We needed to choose a presenter that would both film well and especially, convey the spirit of the message and the spirit of Veidan the best. We saw, narrowed down and finally chose from among the candidates. The truth is, we found someone so perfect that we couldn’t ask for better. Moran Bardea. Remember the name and where you saw her first.
The day of filming came with a strict schedule for each clip, a director, producer and of course, a cameraman. The clips were shot in front of a green screen that allows for the background to be edited after filming.
We filmed from dawn to dusk, again and again, until we felt that we finally got it. The right intonation and the right speed, clear and precise.
The editing was the longest part. Graphics, backgrounds, pictures, music and cool effects, they all joined the party, one after the other, step after step.
And the result? Five video clips that get things in order and explain who is against who, why it’s good and how it works. Short, clear and to the point.
You’re welcome to watch and judge for yourself!
60 seconds on Video Conferencing
See you in the next post!