May 2015 - Behind the Scenes of our New Brochure

It was time to update Veidan’s brochure. That was the clear decision that we made at a recent staff meeting.  Some of the information in the present brochure was no longer relevant, new services were not included in it and in general, it lost some of its magic. Not to mention, it got a bit old.So we started on our way, obviously with a very short time frame (we wanted it to be ready before the coming conference), to making our new brochure. And how is this connected to “Hayeladim Mishchunat Haim”? You’ll see in a moment…
A company’s brochure, that little booklet which includes information about the company, its products and services, is essentially a marketing flyer that summarizes the business. What is the company’s story? What do we know how to do? Who are we?
It began with a brief that was prepared by the marketing department which included the purpose of the brochure – who our customers are, the format and general shape of it and of course what our main messages are and what is the content that we want to give to our audience. The next step was a planning meeting with the marketing media studio that we work with. And we were on our way.
Dealing with the brief outline, and the actual content of the brochure, is a point of strong debate about the essence of the company, just like if you were talking to a business audience directly. All the information about the company and its services is on the website, so what do we need to put into the brochure?
The answer is of course, basically the same thing, just a bit more abridged. Brochures are usually very brief and can only hold a small amount of information. Additionally they need to effectively transfer the message whether the reader looks at it with only a glance, or reads it thoroughly.
The answer from the studio was not long in coming: you need to make it shorter. There is too much here. The font is too small and it might bore the reader…
The need to cut down the text as I mentioned, causes more debate about the importance of defining exactly the nature of the messages. For me, it always reminds me of a specific episode of the cult TV classic “Hayeladim Mishchunat Haim”.
This series aired on the educational channel and dealt with the stereotypical Israeli neighborhood of the 70s, and incorporated educational aspects about the language and interpersonal communication. This specific episode was about a girl, Shifra, who wanted to wish her grandmother happy birthday via telegram. But she had too many words, and not enough money. Every word costs one lira. So how do you cut down on the number of words but still maintain the message that you want to get across?
Take a few minutes for nostalgia at its best (the relevant part is from 5:07-8:25):
So after we’ve learned about the importance of refining and consolidating, we invested a lot of thought into the information that we want to give over to you in the brochure. You will find inside information on all of our services, information about the company and its values, and of course what are the best ways to get in touch with us, and everything about the world of conferencing solutions and the experience of multi-party professional communication. Basically, why waste so many words, it’s simpler for you to see the final result.
See you in the next post,