July 2015 - Necessity is Necessity, Whether in Business or in Private Life

From the day it was established, Veidan has supplied conferencing services to the business sector, whether it’s small law offices with two or three people or large hi-tech companies with hundreds and thousands of employees.
The services are business-related in their essence, and match the needs of the business sector in their ability, quality and service as well as the peace of mind that they provide to our customers. From time to time, we get requests from a private person that has been exposed to our services as a business customer and needs help with a personal need. When this happens we of course rise to the challenge and try to help.
So in the spirit of the summer that has overtaken us all, we have gathered a number of events and interesting uses:
1.       Video Streaming a Wedding – wedding season is upon us. The couple getting married has family that lives overseas that couldn’t make it to celebrate with them. An iPad and smartphone filmed the ceremony from two different angles and it was broadcasted via live video streaming to a number of family members that were made part of the event and saw the experience live.
2.       And if we are dealing with weddings, another couple used our “AutoPlay” service, and broadcasted, in their voices, to his list of invitees, a Save the Date. And a few days before the wedding, they sent a reminder.
3.       Reunion via Video – a group of friends decided to organize a reunion of their high school class, 25 years later, and more than ten members of the class don’t live in Israel.  Some are in the US, one is in Canada and two are in Australia. Using a laptop, a camera, projector and a big screen, all the distant friends can join a shared video feed, see each other and say a little about themselves. The differing time zones did cause a few hilarious moments all by themselves. The participants from North America joined from their workplaces while the ones in the Far East joined late at night from their homes.
4.       Crete, Greece. The family is away on a long vacation on the amazing shores of the island. The oldest son is in the army, the daughter is in summer camp in the US, the father and younger son are on a jeep tour in the authentic hills of the island. On Friday afternoon, at a pre-arranged time, all the family members called into an audio conference room – from the hotel, from the jeep, from the base and from camp. And they held a family conversation filled with laughter.
5.       It’s during summer vacation and kids are busy having fun. One group of kids have a final exam that they still need to take. A private tutor will make their lives easier and more interesting and give them a series of prep classes using Webex web conferencing. Everyone can stay in their own homes and have an interactive class with the tutor by sharing their screens, their audio, and video. Integrating the technology keeps the students connected and paying more attention than usual and prepares them better for the test.
These are the uses that we have gathered lately. If you have any other interesting uses or challenges that you want to overcome, we’d love to hear from you.
See you in the next post,