July 2014 - Rooms for Rent by the Hour

No, it’s not what you think. We haven’t expanded our product offering that far :-).  But yes, we also provide rooms by the hour, video conference rooms.
In this post, I have chosen to bring you behind the scenes in our video conferencing rooms. One of the services that Veidan has provided for many years is renting out conference rooms that are fully equipped with everything you need for a video conference. This service is available for one-time and regular customers.
When would you need to rent a conference room with a video system?
One instance would be if the company does not have a conference room with a video conferencing system and periodically need to host a conference call, the optimal solution is to rent a full-equipped conference room. The call is supported by a Veidan technician throughout the entire call and you come, like guests, to host the conference call.
Another instance would be if the company does have a conference room with a video system, but the other side in the conference does not have a video system. In this case we can rent a video room for the other participants.
Veidan has a number of video conference rooms available, in Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva, Haifa and Jerusalem and connections to thousands of rooms around the world. The rooms are fully-equipped for video conferencing and the conferences are accompanied by support personnel throughout the call. With every conference we provide parking, light refreshments, WIFI, and many other added services to meet the customer’s needs.
Veidan can also help customers host video conferences at their own location and not at one of our video conferencing rooms. In this situation we will come to the conference room at the company and host the video conference using a mobile conferencing unit.
But we said behind the scenes, didn’t we?
Yes the basic service is a standard business meeting between two distant locations.  There are many business meetings held in our video conference rooms in this style. These meetings are held between customers and their suppliers, or with their customers, for the management or the Board of Directors.
But there are also “spicier” conferences, for example, in legal disputes. Imagine a situation where there is a divorce settlement being discussed and the two parties live in different countries. Now one side has to finance air travel for themselves and their lawyer which includes room and board etc. Is it even possible to have the trial in the same location?
Yes, it is possible. Over the past few years there have been many legal disputes that take place where one side is not physically in the courthouse. While the courthouses do prefer the physical presence of the two sides, there are still many situations where the judge is flexible and the discussion takes place via video conference. One side of the conferencing system is in the courthouse and the other side is in one of Veidan’s conference room which has been rented out for the hour. The legal debate happens in this manner when one side cannot get to the distant courthouse due to an injunction that prevents them from leaving the country, either for financial or health reasons.
Our conference rooms host conferences discussing family matters, divorce discussions as well as issues in business law. In certain situations, a battery of lawyers sets up in the conference room, sometimes for a few days, and we become a full extension of the law. If necessary, we can even provide a Bible in both languages to swear in witnesses…
Another use is for lectures or conferences where the lecturer is not physically in the convention hall, but rather speaks from one of our conferencing rooms. The live video feed is broadcasted to the convention hall and is displayed on the projector screen.  The video conference allows full interaction between the speaker and the participants in the hall. These conferences generally take make an effective use of time, save on long flights and travel and of course, to save money.
Here are two interesting lectures that took place using our video service are. One conference took place in the Tel Aviv Cinematheque, where the speaker lectured from his room in New York. The interviewer stood at the side of the stage in Tel Aviv and the lecturer sat in his office in his house.
In the other lecture, the conference took place in Los Angeles and the lecturer was in our conference room in Petah Tikva. The speaker, who is presently a senior minister in the government, was then a politician at the beginning of his journey and he came to our conference room in the dead of night in order to match the hours of the event taking place on West Coast of the US.
So next time the need comes up, you are invited to turn to our professionals at Veidan who will accompany you to the video conference and beyond.
Want to hear more about the service?
See you in the next post,