October 2016 - The Do’s and Don’ts of a Professional Video Conference

The professional video conference has become part of our normal work routine. Most take place at our place of work, in the conference room, in a huddle room or in our personal office. Some take place at home, from a hotel, while traveling on business or any place that we are located in when we need to join a meeting.
The technology is there and ready. Participants don’t only join from traditional end point systems, but also from PCs, tablets and even smartphones. All in the same video conference. Video Collaboration.
But beyond technology, each one of us, as a participant, has a significant influence on the quality and effectiveness of the conference, based on our behavior and preparation before the virtual meeting:
Have we made sure that the lighting is right?
What should we wear for the conference?
What about background noise?
And where do we put the camera so that we look our best to the other side? (Tip: Leave the self-view window open during the call to check.)
Polycom (the video and communication system manufacturer) created a series of short video clips, that deal with these very issues and the biggest issue in the world of video – Don’t be a VIDIOT! :-)
Beyond just humor, there are professional tips that should be implemented before your next video conference.
What do you wear? Or better yet, what don’t you wear for a video conference…
What is the right height to place the camera? Even at home…
When should you put yourself on mute?
What should you have in the background?
Everything starts with the right lighting…
And how should you share content?
See you in the next post,