April 2014 - There is a Grain of Truth Behind Every Joke

This time, I have chosen to present three different clips that deal with the more humorous side of the conferencing world. True, in some of the videos, the humor comes from exaggerating reality, but sometimes reality is actually not that different.
Always prepare before a conference…The first few minutes of participants entering a video conference are kind of a look behind –the–scenes. But sometimes, the scene starts and you are still getting ready.
This is what we look like!This is an embodiment of an audio conference, if it took place in the real world and not in a virtual conference room.
The dos and don’ts of a professional video conference. These are tips that you have to remember before you host a multi-party video conference.
There is no doubt that humor is the correct way to learn from the mistakes of others, even in the world of conferencing.
N.B. In the previous post I intimated that there is a possibility that the peace talks between us and the Palestinians and the American mediator take place, at least partially, via video conference.  And if we are discussing humor, after the post went up, I managed to receive information from a reliable source high up in the Israeli media, that there are indeed video conferences taking place between us and the Americans, but at a lower governmental level. “Not between Bibi and Obama. As it is they can’t stand each other.” His words :-)