February 2016 -The Story of a New Morning

Now we can say it. After an intense two-year process, a new morning has dawned on Veidan with the introduction of the new audio bridge.
What does this mean – why change and how did this vision become a reality?

Our audio conferencing bridge, the hardware system which has supplied Veidan for many years with her virtual conference rooms, is the real “work horse” that hasn’t stopped for even a moment of rest throughout the years. However, unlike wine which improves over the years, when speaking about technology, as stable as it is, the rate of change and need for improvements has brought us to the conclusion that in order to be the front runners in the field of audio conferencing, it is our responsibility to initiate this upgrade and move on to the next generation of software.
And that is how, two years ago, we embarked on the adventure of finding a new bridge. The first step in this process was to identify the existing needs as well future enhancements we could provide our customers on the new bridge.
The identifying of needs was based on two important objectives:
The first was the smooth transition of existing functions from the current bridge to the new bridge, without disrupting any ongoing operations.
The second was the leap in technology that would allow us to expand the basic services we provide based on the needs of our clients.
Indeed, after completing the process of identifying our needs, we moved on the next stage of finding suppliers from around the world who could answer our demands and supply us, and by extension our customers, with the leading services in our field.
In this way, for months we received offers, held video conferences, checked recommendations, and finally narrowed in on three potential providers to supply the system; European, American, and Indian.
Does it sound like a joke? It wasn’t. Throughout the negotiations about capabilities and prices, one provider came out as the leader and we went to visit them. Despite having met these individuals many times through video conferences, we wanted to see the production lines in person, to “meet the bride.”
And that is how, a year ago, the deal was signed and we were on our way. Production, shipping, installation, training, changing internal working procedures, and all that was necessary for a significant project of this magnitude.
Running tests, checking bridge capacity, and adapting existing tasks demanded long days as well as nights and weekends spent in the halls of Veidan. All of this was done while still maintaining the day-to-day work of the company.
The moment had arrived. Everything was ready, checked and working as needed.
Late at night we made the switch. The bridge which had been in use for over a decade, was sent to retirement. The new bridge, young and advanced, went to work. And all this in only 45 seconds, during which services were unavailable to our customers. Generations come and go.
Two anecdotes about the souls of machines:
-In the last month in which the old bridge was up and running, we reached a record high of “bridge time” since the founding of Veidan sixteen years ago. It was as If the old system was trying to tell us something and prove that despite its age, it still knew how to do its job.
-Even while in the media room the new machines sit, making sounds and flashing lights, we haven’t forgotten to pay our respects to the old machines who were the building blocks of Veidan. A place of honor was made for them in the company’s lobby where they will remain forever, reminding us of the past that helped to build our future.
A new morning has dawned on Veidan.
See you in my next post,