March 2015 - Authorized Entry Only

A new product release is coming. Confidentiality is the name of the game here. You can’t let the date of the release and the abilities of the product be known to early.
As part of the preparations you set up a conference call in the calendar with a few colleagues and three “outside” participants. You need to settle the final details. The last thing you need is that someone else will discover everything. We are here for exactly this need.
The security of our conferences (audio and video) is of prime importance to us at Veidan. Even the “simplest” of calls are secured in the best way possible.
There are two aspects to the security of a conference call, a technological aspect and a human one. The technological side has professionals and the most advanced equipment at Veidan – use of secured phone lines, advanced technology, firewalls, etc., everything that we need to secure our customer’s conferences and prevent infiltration by unwanted participants. On the human side, we have a number of technical abilities that are available for the customer’s use, and he decides what he wants and when, all in accordance with the needs of the specific conference call.
In the case of an audio only conference, the visual aspect does not exist. So what functions can the customer use?
  • A passcode – this is the most basic level of security for your virtual conference room. Only someone who has the code can join in the conference.
  • Leader code – an additional passcode for the conference room that gives the bearer extra functionality and control over the conference. The conference will only begin after the leader has entered the conference room. Until that time the participants hear hold music. During the conference, the leader can lock the conference and not allow any other participants in, even if they do have the right code. The leader can also end the conference at any time and disconnect all the participants as well as connect other participants to the call independently.
  • One time passcode(time limited) – if you are using a permanent meeting room with your permanent code, you can get a separate code for a specific conference that is limited to the time that you specify. In this case, we recommend sending the code to the participants close to the start time of the conference. Preferably also in a different platform (SMS for example).
  • Code change – even if you have a permanent meeting room with a permanent passcode, we recommend changing the code periodically and distribute it to the relevant participants only.
There are other options beyond codes:
  • Using the Conference Manager – if necessary, the leader can gain access to the internet-based portal with viewing abilities and basic tools to control the conference. In this way you can see the list of participants in the conference live.
  • Hold Music – when there is one participant in the conference, he hears hold music. Only after a second participant joins does the music stop and this is the indication that there are at least two participants in the conference.
  • Tone Alert – with every entrance and exit a tone is heard by the other participants.
  • Name Capture – with every entrance and exit, the participant’s name is broadcasted to the participants (as he records it when entering the conference).
  • Dial Out – Veidan’s representatives can connect a participant to a conference according to the list that the customer provides. At the appropriate time, we will connect only the participants required to the be in the conference and thereby block entry to participants who are not authorized to participate.
  • Participant Registration – the customer sends us a list of authorized participants. After they enter the passcode, the participants will be transferred to a Veidan operator who will take his personal details. He will then be transferred into the call. If their name does not appear on the list, then he will not be allowed into the conference.
And what about video conferences?
In this case, the managing application for the conference is integral as all the participants are registered in the application and are viewable. Beyond the existing functions in audio conferences, there are also security options that are customized specifically for video conferences.
In video conferences, the leader has a number of features to control the conference and improve its security:
  • The option that participants will not be able to enter the conference until the leader joins
  • The ability to lock the conference to incoming participants
  • The ability to end the conference and disconnect all participants
  • The ability to mute or block the video of one or more participants
  • The ability to send personal messages to a specific participant during the conference
These are most of the functions that are available to you and you are welcome to try any of them at any time so that we can secure your next conference call and be sure that only whoever you want can take part.
See you in the next post,