December 2016 - Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind
Every once in a while we meet new people, people that we don’t know personally. It could be at a social event, in reserve service, or the father of a child in the kindergarten or in a business setting like a conference or meeting or any other random meeting in our lives.
At some point, the same question always arises, “So what do you do? Veidan, what’s Veidan? What do you do?”
There are a few ways to define what we do at Veidan, or what Veidan does for its customers, what our purpose is and what we do best:
  • Supply conferencing service platforms
  • Conferencing solutions for a multi-party conferencing experience
Both are correct, but lately, I have been giving a different answer. Veidan provides peace of mind. And maybe that’s what separates us from other conferencing providers.
It’s true, Veidan supplies different platforms to hold various conference calls: audio conferences, video conferences, web conferences and more. These are all provided in the form of a service and we also sell devices that support the service such as VC systems, conference phones, headphones and more. But beyond this, Veidan, or more accurately, Veidan’s employees, do everything to provide our customer with peace of mind.
How do we do that?
It starts with providing each customer with a contact person (one or more) for the ongoing communication with us like customer service, orders, billing, etc. And the customer always has a group of end users on his side – employees, managers, suppliers, customers, etc.
And to provide “peace of mind”, these are the values that we never compromise on:
Service and Professionalism
Behind these terms stands a list of work rules, training and one clear purpose: to give the best service.
  • Personal service
  • Prompt response on the phone (by a real person), by email or any other communication means
  • Round the clock service - 24/7
  • Chat with a representative on our website
  • Service training for support representatives and any other employees that come into contact with our customers (which is basically everyone)
  • Professional training and maintaining up to date professional knowledge
Basically, anything that will give the customer peace of mind, confidence that they are in good hands and the knowledge and service that they need, quickly.
Advanced Technology
Beyond service, we provide technology-based services. We constantly invest in this area to be able to provide the most technologically advanced platforms for conference calls. Last year, for example, we invested in a new audio conferencing bridge, the most advanced of its kind in the world. It gives us, and especially the customer, better control over the conference and its management. It also enables us to provide new services that we never could before. And of course 99.999% availability. We still need to upgrade the service for a few minutes every once in a while.
Our communication and telephony lines are also monitored and checked all the time to ensure that our customers have conference calls that are high quality and effective.
In such a dynamic time, with so many technological innovations, we make an effort to sift the wheat from the chaff and give our customers the services that they need, for their companies, and most of all, peace of mind.
See you in the next post!