Push to Conf

Push to Conf – conference calls that dial out to the participants. This service enables you to initiate a conference call (immediately or at a predetermined time) by dialing out to a list of participants. And it is all controlled by the conference leader. Simple, effective and easy.
How does it work?
What is it good for?
  • Updating a sales team
  • Immediate update or consultation with the management team
  • Activating emergency teams and managing the event through a virtual “operations room”
  • Urgent updates to medical staff
  • Manage problems with total synchronization of the tech staff
  • Any conference call that you want to initiate, immediately, without waiting for participants to join.
Service Capabilities:
  • Predetermined and updatable participant list
  • Simple and immediate operation via dialing the access number and entering your code
  • Ability for participants who did not answer to join later
  • No limit on the number of participants in the conference
  • Option to record a personal greeting ad hoc by the conference leader
  • Option of automatic recording of the conference