Fully Outfitted Video Conference Room on a Monthly Basis

All Inclusive - a Video System and Virtual Meeting Room (VMR)

Video conferencing is a vital cross-organizational tool that is necessary for constant, effective and high quality communication with customers, partners, suppliers, investors and employees in Israel and around the world.
The new combined solution, available on a monthly basis, saves you the initial investment in infrastructure and equipment, as well as maintanence and upkeep, and allows you to host an unlimited number of meetings with a set monthly fee.
This service removes the barriers to entry into the world of professional video communication via its ease of use, low price and removal of technological barriers.
The monthly video conference room service turns your meeting room into an advanced video conference room and includes:
  • A video conference system that matches the size of the meeting room and the organization’s needs
  • A virtual meeting room (VMR) for multi-party video conferences
Technical Details:
  • Unlimited Video Conferences
  • Set Fees – a set monthly fee without any additions based on use (the monthly rate will be determined by the video conference system that the customer chooses, the number of VMRs requested, and the length of use)
  • Security – AES 128 bit encryption and HTTPS
    • Complete survivability and uses a high quality, secure network
    • 18 POPs that are connected via a private MPLS network (USA, Europe, East Asia, Australia, China, Africa)
    • Public internet for the Last Mile
  • Technical support in Hebrew or English by Veidan’s conferencing experts
Video Systems Included in the Service:
  • Logitech Group/MeetUP – a USB video system for small to medium rooms
  • Polycom Debut – a personal video conference system that uses H.323 protocol that also fits small rooms
  • Polycom Group 500 – a professional video conference system that uses H.323 protocol for medium to large rooms
  • Polycom Trio+ - advanced conference phone that includes a wireless display and video for medium rooms
  • Polycom Trio + ZoomX12 – advanced conference phone which includes a wireless display and video for large rooms
VMR Capabilities:
  • Up to 50 people in each conference
  • Connectability from any device
    • Video Conference System from any manufacturer – Cisco, Avaya, Polycom and others (H.323 protocol or SIP)
    • Personal Computer using a client (PC or Mac)
    • Personal Computer from any browser (WebRTC) – ideal for guests
    • Full integration with Skype4Business – connecting the internal application with the outside world
    • Smartphone or Tablet using the MMV (My Meeting Video) application
    • Telephony (Dial In PSTN) – local connection numbers around the world and a specific application for the telephone participant
  • Content Sharing from your computer
  • Simple and Easy Application to join the call and manage the room
  • Outlook add-on to invite participants to the VMR
  • Options for Live Streaming and recording via Youtube Live and other third party applications
  • Ability to add a leader and a participant code
Just Join - Any Device, Any Place, Any time