June 2015 - Everyone’s Talking about Clouds

Cloud services used to be one of the biggest buzz words that we heard in the media. Now we are talking about an everyday reality, not in every single area, but as time passes, cloud services pop up like mushrooms after a rainstorm… or like clouds flowing in the wind.
We use cloud services more and more in our personal lives. We backup our phones on the cloud, we save our digital pictures, track our exercise and even share files, videos and music.  All on the cloud.
On the professional side, we talk about completely different services. The organizations’ requirements for transferring certain activities to the cloud, are naturally very different and more stringent.
What are cloud services?
Cloud services are attributed to computer or communication services that are provided remotely via hardware that is not physically located next to the user, and is connected to through the internet or a specific hardware connection. In the “old world”, every company bought hardware for its own personal use, operated it, maintained it and serviced it internally for its end users.
In the “new world” those who use cloud services do not need to buy and manage the resources for computer and communications systems. They utilize their resources by using the service as they need in the organization and save tons of money on buying the equipment.
More and more companies and organizations are switching from programs that they had to install locally to service that they can get via the cloud.
In the case of professional cloud services, there is great emphasis put on information security and use beyond the boundaries of the business. As the security aspect improves, companies feel more confident and comfortable using these cloud services. While in the private sector we can “handle” some of our personal information leaking out, in the professional sector, the situation is completely different, and nothing can get leaked at all.
We at Veidan discovered this field 15 years ago…
Even though cloud service has been a hot topic in the professional world of technological and communications service provision over the past few years, in the conferencing world it started fifteen years ago when Veidan started providing audio conferencing services as a cloud service.
The “conference bridge” (the hardware that enables hosting the conference calls) is located in our server room. Customers connect to it using specific telephone lines and use the service as needed. An even more obvious example of cloud service is our video cloud service – a service that allows you to have a multi-party video conference at any time and from any device.
Veidan bought the advanced video infrastructure, maintains and operates it for its customers and provides the service as needed and at optimal resource use.
We also take protective measures on the user security end, and we provide our customers with a high level of security on the technology level as well as on the style of use (using an access code and other features).
Another significant contribution of cloud services, and specifically cloud conferencing services, is environmental. Using cloud based services is a significant contributor to lowering our electricity and resource usage and has a positive impact on our environment.
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