December 2013 - Opening Post

Why a blog?
I have wanted to write a blog about the world of conferencing and virtual conferences for a while, and it has been sitting on my to-do list on my smartphone for just as long. Putting up a new website for Veidan is the trigger to make it finally happen.
We, at Veidan, breathe conferencing around the clock… but what does that mean?
It means that at every moment during the day there is a conference being hosted on one of Veidan’s bridges. It means that our communications rooms are working and being monitored non-stop. And it means that our service and support staff are alert and ready for you at all times. Because we are here to supply a multiparty communications experience.
Okay, but why a blog?
The blog is our area to share with you the stories that are behind the conferences, our thoughts and our daily reality beyond just another tech manual or product catalog (and don’t take me wrong, they are very important!). With the blog we will try and give you some less-formal content and share updates from Israel and around the world, that deal with conferencing solutions and multiparty conferences.  For example, a small but important anecdote, one of our customers hosted a conference call last week with about 650 people in the same conference – a new record for Veidan! The blog is also a place for you to react to what we write, beyond just the usual interaction we have with you as customers. So feel free to respond, to offer suggestions and we in turn, will do our best to share with you interesting and useful things, perhaps even entertaining.
So until the next post, which will actually be on a “real” topic, one last sentence about me and two important recommendations. So, about me, in my personal life – I am married and a father of two boys and two girls. In my professional life – I have a BA in finance and an MBA. I have been the CEO of Veidan since May 2012.  And for my recommendations: 1 – listen to my interview with Naftali Menashe on the Giga Bet radio program. The interview discusses our new cloud-based video conferencing service. Click here to listen. And 2- go easy on the sufganiyot!
See you in the next post!
Nir Ronen