December 2014 - The Future is Already Here

The “adults” among us remember the amazing movie trilogy “Back to the Future” from the 80s.  In the second chapter of the trilogy, which was released in 1989, the protagonists Doc, Marty and Jennifer travel to the future in 2015. To be more specific, to October 21, 2015. The movie starts off in 1985 and brings its characters to the future, and here we are, practically there ourselves.
But how is this connected to us? What kind of cool things did we have “then” in 2015?
Most people who have seen the movie must remember the flying cars that were everywhere, the shoes that tied themselves and of course, the Hover Board, the floating skateboard that stars in a number of chases and scenes. But beyond those things that have yet to be invented, there is a long list of technological solutions that were demonstrated in the movie that did not exist then, but today, are part of our daily lives, whether personal or professional.
  • Video Conference – that same video conference that replaces face-to-face meetings in the movie, did not exist at the time in the business world. Video conferencing burst into our lives a few years later, and how trivial it seems to us today…
  • Flat Screens – the video conferences in the movie took place on flat screens that only entered the world in the 90s. In the video projects that we implement now, we use 50 inch, 60 inch and even larger flat screens. The screens can be attached to the wall or be lowered from the ceiling, fact.
  • Tablets – tablets for video conferences or control over different applications. This is our daily lives, though then, it seemed so futuristic. Veidan’s V-Connect, our video collaboration service, allows you to connect to multi-party video conferences from any device, including, of course, a tablet.
  • Split Screen – projecting a number of video sources onto one screen seemed then like a real revolution. Now in our video conferences, we can have up to 25 pictures simultaneously on one screen. Not to mention, the Active Speaker ability in which the audio of the person speaking projects his video in a larger picture than the other participants in the call.
And these are the inventions that have already entered our lives, but have not yet been integrated in our conferencing solutions. But the day is not far…
  • Biometric Security – this obviously exists already in some of the smartphones that participate in the video conferences, but not directly in the relevant applications. The access and entrance security to the virtual audio and video rooms still requires a passcode.
  • Flexible Screens – this technology already exists and its use will expand soon to the world of video conferencing and to the wide variety of small and large screens.
  • Smart Glasses – Google Glass and the devices like it are on the rise. It won’t be long before we will be using them to host multi-party conferences, even more available than ever.
  • Hands-Free Control – though the movie showed hands-free control over video games – similar to what we have with the X-BOX Kinect, but there is no reason why we can’t start controlling video conference systems with a wave of a hand instead of the remote control that we have today.
  • Smart Clothes – or Wearable Computing as it is known as today. This is the hottest thing that will affect our world in the coming years and will integrate with existing solutions.
Yes, the future is already here and is developing and advancing at a dizzying rate. So until your next video conference, which is already available today from any device and anywhere, take a break and watch again (this time with the kids) the wonderful inventions of “Back to the Future 2”.
Here is a clip from “Back to the Future 2” from Robert Zemeckis, produced by Steven Spielberg:
See you in the next post,