February 2014 - On Sustainability, a Green Earth and Everything in Between

Once they called it “the environment,” now they call it “sustainability.” These are actually similar terms and refer to a phenomenon that is spreading out of necessity. It seems like in every area today, the term sustainability has become relevant. Our reality has to deal with air pollutions, land pollution, water pollution and global warming. As a result, every one of us needs to be conscious and make an extra effort in our daily routines, for our own surroundings as well as for the whole Earth.
Sustainability education begins in kindergartens and in schools which have begun teaching a culture of recycling and reusing waste. It continues in households that recycle waste, reduce electricity usage and emissions and move to green construction. It also spreads to the workplace, which is matching itself to a new reality and even at times, leads the way for private households and society at large.
Here at Veidan, “green” starts with the services that we provide our customers and ends with the garbage and recycling bins that stand in the kitchenette.
On to the recycling activities that we have at Veidan (which provide us with a pizza lunch once a quarter :-) ). We provide our customers with communications solutions that save time and energy, directly contribute to the efforts to preserving the environment and teach sustainability. The different conferencing solutions, from audio to video conferencing, are essentially platforms that allow our customers to hold “face-to-face” meetings without having to physically meet. Just by using our services, you are saving gas and pollution as a result of unnecessary travel and through that, contributing to saving the environment as well as wasting valuable time.
In the following link, you can see a visualization of air traffic over a 24 hour period. Every yellow dot represents a single airplane. Every flight to a business meeting that you can save contributes to the greater effort in reducing the pollution of the environment. http://bit.ly/1gCbjne
Our conferencing services contribute in another way to preserving the environment by providing a cloud-based service.  The term cloud-based service is attributed to computer services or communications services that are provided using remote software that you can connect to via the internet or a designated communications line. Cloud service users do not need to buy and manage a computer or communications resource, can exploit the economies of scale and use according to their needs. This ensures optimal use of all resources. Using a cloud-based service greatly contributes to reducing electricity and resource usage and has a positive effect on our environment.
It’s amazing that cloud-based service, which has become a hot topic in computer and communications services in the business world in the past few years, began 15 years ago when Veidan began to supply its customers with cloud-based audio conferencing service. The conferencing bridge (the hardware) sits in our server room, customers connect to it using designated communications lines and use the service based on their needs.
Of course, our V-Connect service – video conferencing that is available from anywhere at any time, is also provided as a cloud-based service using the advanced video infrastructure  that Veidan acquired, maintains and supplies as the service is needed.
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In fact, as you use Veidan’s services, you are contributing to a greener environment for you and the generations that come afterwards.
Think Green!