Conference Room Equipment

I have a wireless device and the screen says “Searching for Signal”. What should I do?

First make sure that the base is connected to an electric source and to a regular phone jack. On the base there is one button. Press the button briefly and wait a few seconds for the base and the device to synchronize. You can repeat this a few times until the device is synchronized.

Do I have to connect the cables from the telephone device in a specific order in the conference room?

Absolutely. You have to connect the cables only in the order specified in the installation instructions that come with the device. Only after connecting all the cables, you should connect the power cable to the power supply and then to the wall outlet. Do not connect the power cable before the other cables are connected, and do not disconnect anyone of the system components before disconnecting the power cable!

I connected the phone cables to the conference room according to the instructions, but I don’t have a line. What can be the problem?

If after you made sure that the power supply is connected to an outlet and a phone line and you still don’t hear a dial tone, make sure that the extension that the device is connected to is a regular extension. The advanced conference room telephone devices are not made to work with smart extensions.

I finished connecting my wireless device but it is not working. What should I do?

The wireless telephone device runs on a battery, make sure that you charged it properly.
Connect the included rechargeable battery and charge it using the included cable.  In order to maximize the life of the battery, you should charge it for 8 hours for the first time. Make sure that the base is connected to a phone jack and a power outlet.