Audio Conferencing

I entered my conference passcode and the system tells me that it is incorrect. What should I do?

If you double checked to make sure that your code is indeed correct, the system might not recognize the code because of the quality of your line. If you are using a speakerphone, or a cell phone headset, please lift up the handset and enter the code again.
After three error messages from the system, you will be transferred to a service representative who can help you enter your conference call.

I connected to the conference at the appropriate time, but I only hear hold music. What should I do?

If you are the first participant in the conference call, the system will play an appropriate message when you are transferred into the conference, and while you are waiting for other participants to join you will hear hold music. If the call is defined to begin only when the leader joins, then you will also hear hold music until the leader enters the conference. As long as the leader has not joined the conference, you will continue to hear hold music and the participants will not be able to talk to each other.If you need information about your conference from us, you can press *0. A service representative can tell you if you are the first participant in the conference or if the conference is waiting for a leader to enter.

In the middle of the conference, we started hearing hold music from a switchboard and it is bothering us. What is this and what can we do?

If you hear hold music in the background while people are talking, then it is probably because one of the participants put his phone on hold. If the music goes on for longer than is reasonable, you can ask for help from a service representative who can identify which line has the music and disconnect it from the call. Press *0 to get help.

We hear background noise from one of the participant’s lines and it is disturbing the call. What can we do?

You can ask participants to use the self-mute option by pressing *5 . When a participant presses *5 his line will be muted and then the background noise will stop as well. To cancel the self-mute, the participant should press *5 again.

We hear background noise that is disturbing the call, but we don’t know where it is from. What can we do?

If you do not know where the noise is coming from, you should immediately turn to a service representative by pressing *0. A representative can identify which line is causing the noise and take the participant out of the conference and offer a solution (either to disconnect and reconnect, change location, or use an alternate dial in number).

I called an international toll-free number that was provided to me, but I hear a busy tone. What should I do?

It is possible that the phone you are calling from is blocked for use with toll-free numbers (this could happen in hotels, certain cellular operators or switchboards that are blocked). If you are calling from a phone that you have successfully used to call in the past, then you are probably experiencing international connection difficulties. We recommend  calling the regular international number (+972-3-9180699) which is the most reliable way to call internationally. Once you are connected to the call, you can request from the conference organizer or from one of the service representatives (by pressing *0) an alternate phone number or that they will connect you to the conference using our Dial-Out service, and that will save you the cost of the international call.