Audio Conferencing

Do I need any special equipment to use the audio conferencing service?

You don’t need any special equipment. You can join a conference call from anywhere in the world and from any touch-tone phone, landline or mobile phone.

Are the audio conferences secure?

We use every means available to ensure that your conference are completely secure:
The lines that we use for conference calls are secure optical lines.
You need to enter a confidential passcode in order to enter the conference.
You can add name capture or tone alerts so that every entry and exit of any participant is followed by an alert.
You can order a manual screening of participants: your participants will come to a service representative before they enter the conference and they will be asked to give their personal information and only then allowed into the conference.

Are conference calls limited by time or number of participants?

Conference calls are not limited by time.  The number of participants can get up to a few hundred participants. Web conferences can include thousands of participants. If you are interested in a conference call with many participants, please contact us to hear about our virtual event and webinar services and we will inform you of all the possibilities in this area.

How do I know if there are any other participants in the conference call?

In an audio conference, the first participant the enters the conference call hear hold music until a second participant joins.  You can also use entry and exit alert features (free of charge) to alert participants when other participants join.
Veidan also offers other services which you can use to keep track of the participants entering and exiting the conference: the Conference Manager service is a web-based application that gives you the option to see the participants and the Comms Line service which includes one of our representatives updating you by phone of the participants in the conference.

While sitting in an office, how can I share graphs or other report material during an audio conference?

We provide web conferencing service for this specific purpose.  This service serves as a platform for audio as well as visual via the internet, but is also a great complementary service for sharing visual content alongside a quality audio conference.

How can I host a conference with tens or hundreds of participants?

In order to help you host a conference call with many participants, Veidan offers our virtual event service which serves as an alternative to a face-to-face conference or lecture. These services are available with constant assistance of Veidan’s event manager or independently by your own conference operator who enters with his own passcode.
Our Managed Virtual Event Service enables simple and efficient call management  by muting all the participants, giving participants permission to speak in a Q&A session, holding a poll over the phone and more.

How far ahead of time should I order my conference call?

We recommend ordering your conference call a few hours ahead of time.  Our service department can also process orders for conferences with less warning. Virtual Events should be ordered at least 24 hours in advance.

Do the participants pay for their participation in the conference call?

The conference organizer pays for the service for all of the participants, but there are a number of options in terms of payment for the transmission charges:
With the most basic service “Meet Me Direct”, every participant pays his own transmission charges to his own telephone service provider. Another option is for the customer to cover all the transmission charges for his participants by providing them with toll-free numbers to be used in Israel or various other countries around the world. Another way for the customer to cover the transmission charges of the participants is by using the “Dial-Out” service. With this service, participants can be connected anywhere in the world by Veidan representatives.