Managed Web Events


Webinars are the perfect service for lectures and trainings where the moderator is interested in his audience’s participation and interaction. This service allows between tens and thousands of participants to ask questions and respond by sending written notes or by speaking if they are given permission to speak by the moderator.
Beyond sharing slides, video and voice, the moderator can present programs, give participants tours of internet sites and vote on different matters.
You can record these events, edit them and upload them to be seen later by those who could not take part at the original time.
Webex has a user-friendly interface which allows webinar hosts to easily use the program during the event. Our staff stands ready to help throughout the webinar – starting from setting up the event and inviting the participants through technical support by a representative during the event.


This service is intended for situations where you need one-sided communication to a large number of viewers. The service allows you to broadcast a message to thousands or tens of thousands of viewers, either as an add-on to a telephone event or as an event on its own.