What is a Web Conference?

Web conferencing provides a platform that answers the needs of different users. It creates an environment that enables sharing slides, working on documents simultaneously, shared use of applications, remote support of computers, holding trainings and webinars, all through the internet.
60 Seconds About Web Conferencing
We provide this service using Cisco’s Webex. Webex provides a virtual work environment which is dynamic and secure. The only thing participants need in order to view and actively participate in a web conference  is a regular computer connected to the internet.
The technology allows total interactivity and is known for its stability, security and high quality audio and video. All these allow effective and easy sharing between participants in different places in the world.
Web conference rooms allow you to:
· share slides
· work together on files
· demonstrate programs on participants’ computers
· hold audio and video conferences using secure and high-quality VoIP
The service allows participants to join the audio portion of the conference with a regular telephone. This way, any participant that is not near a computer can still take part in the conference. This essentially connects participants in an IP environment with participants in a traditional telephone environment (PTSN).

Screen capture of a Webex conference.


Integrate WebEx with Audio Conferencing

You can integrate your internet-based WebEx conferences with the audio conferencing on Veidan's audio bridge, and therby improve the audio quality of your conference. The VoIP service also provides an alternative to the standard telephony and enables a better quality and more effective conference.