Additional Services


The video recording service includes quality control and digital editing. We provide technical support throughout the recorded call as calls that need to be recorded are important calls and we want to make sure that the recording is of the highest quality. You can receive the recorded file on a CD via messenger service or registered mail or as an audio file via e-mail.  

Translation and Transcription

Our translation and transcription service allows you to receive a full transcription of the conference for any internal or marketing purpose. Our professional staff of transcribers will record the minutes of your recorded conference call. We can then translate the transcription into a range of languages. In order to ensure accuracy, we try to provide a team of transcribers for each task that is familiar with the topic of the call and is comfortable with the concepts. Additionally, there is strict quality control for every transcript.

Video Streaming

This service allows participants to view live conference calls on their computers. We will provide you with a link that will allow thousands of participants to listen to your conference call. The service also allows sharing visual aids, such as slides, alongside the video.
The service is also ideal for a situation when you don’t need participant interaction, just to broadcast a message.

Refreshment Services

When you host a conference in one of our rental conference rooms, we also provide refreshment services, beyond just coffee. Based on your request, we can provide these services and remove the headache from your shoulders.

Overseas Conference Room Rental

Veidan has contacts with video conference room providers overseas, so that we can provide you with a room nearly anywhere in the world.