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Video conferencing is meant for situations where you need a visual connection between participants who are physically far away. Video conferencing enables better communication between the participants because all parties can see each other. It is then easier to identify how well negotiations are going, how a customer or investor reacts to a presentation or what a colleague really means. Therefore video conferencing is a critical tool for companies that often work with companies or clients overseas or with branches that are geographically spread out and want to save time and travel costs as much as possible.
Our knowledge and experience and the most advanced IP and ISDN video systems will serve as alternatives to flights and travel to any business center in the world.
60 Seconds About Video Conferencing - Setup and Rental

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Video Conference Room Rental

Veidan provides video conferencing service in any of our conference rooms available for rent across the country (Tel Aviv, Petah Tikva, Haifa, Jerusalem and others) and in more than 3,000 video conference rooms around the world. The conference rooms are fully-equipped and of different sizes, from personal conference room to entire lecture halls.
When you rent a conference room, we will make sure to perform technical checks and ensure system compatibility between the different locations before the call takes place. Additionally, we will also have technical support throughout the conference call. All that your participants need to do is to come to the conference room about ten minutes before the scheduled start time and focus on the call.
Renting conference rooms for video conferences is perfect for participants who only need video conferences occasionally and don’t have their own equipment, or for those who have a video conference system in their offices, but need a system for their participants. 

Video Conference at the Customer’s Location

If the need arises for a one-time video conference, Veidan’s staff can set it up at any location that you specify, such as a company office, a conference hall, etc. A technical team will come ahead of time to prepare the location for the conference and make sure that it meets all the technical requirements for the video conference.
For companies that participate in video conferences fairly often, we recommend setting up an in-house video conference room. For more information about setting up a conference room, click here

Video Bridging

Most video conferencing systems are programmed to connect a limited number of points. On top of that, the quality and speed of the connection is affected by the number of points connected to the video.
The video bridges that we use for bridging video conferences are the most advanced in the world and enable high-quality video conferencing at high bandwidth, between many different points and on different infrastructures. The connections can be made with an outgoing or incoming call.
Video bridging is a solution for any of the following situations:
· If your video conferencing system does not support multi-point connections and you need to connect two or more points to your video conference.
· If the number of points that are supposed to connect to the video conference is greater than your system can handle.
· When you want to ensure optimal quality and speed of the connection between a few points.
· When you encounter infrastructure issues with an international connection or if you want to connect a point that has a different infrastructure than yours (bridging between IP and ISDN).

Video Events

Video events are perfect for when you need eye contact and interaction with a large audience. We can help from the preparation through monitoring the event.
Our vast experience in operating video conferences and complex video events enables you to focus on the content and let us worry about the technical side. Whether you need a solely virtual event with video rooms reserved and connected around the world or an event with a large audience in one room and a speaker located somewhere else in the world, we can provide the solution that fits your needs.
In events that take place in conference halls, we can also provide sound and projector systems that are necessary for the video. Every event will be accompanied by a project manager who will make sure that all adjustments are made and will serve as an available contact person for any question that may arise while preparing for the event or during it.

Tips for a Successful Video Conference

During the Conference
Present all the participants in all the locations, and have a little “small talk” so that you get used to the speed of the connection, which is slightly different than a face-to-face conversation.
Maintain eye contact with the camera.
Speak at a normal volume. There is no need to raise your voice. You can use the sound controls at each location to achieve the desired quality.
It is important to note that there is a delay of a few milliseconds in a video connection and you should act accordingly. Disregarding this can easily lead to interrupting another participant. In any case, don’t get offended if the participants on the other side don’t laugh right away at your jokes, it will come in a bit…
Try Not To:
Put your side of the conference on mute without alerting the other participants.
Whisper with the people sitting next to you. Be aware of your body language – you are essentially in the same room as the participants at the other points.
To drum on the table or move papers near the microphone, or to move the microphones during the conference. It causes loud noises on the other side of the connection.
Conference Room
Make sure that the background color (behind the participants) is not bright or shiny. Blue, gray or green achieve the best results. We recommend moving any distracting pictures.
The floor of the room should be carpeted in order to prevent any echo.
All video conference rooms rented out by Veidan are meticulously planned to ensure optimal picture and sound.
Overhead lighting is best for video conferences.
We recommend avoiding direct sunlight and make sure that no window is in the frame.
Camera Angle
Make sure that all the participants are in the frame and that the camera is not zoomed too far in or too far out.
We recommend leaving about ten percent of the frame above the figures of the participants.
In conferences operated by Veidan, the technical support will make sure that all these conditions are met.