About Cloud-Based Video

Video Conference as a Cloud Service

Any Device, Anywhere, Anytime
Video conferencing has made corporate communication richer, more effective and more personal. The Veidan Cloud Video service allows you to host a business meeting via video conference, with any device, from anywhere and at any time. The new service removes the barriers to enter the world of corporate video due to its ease of use, its price and its response to technological obstacles.
It allows you to expand your use of video conferences and even include participants who do not have a video conference system.
Using your Virtual Video room, you can join the video conference from a variety of devices, such as a PC, a tablet, smartphone, VC system, Skype for Business and even as a telephone only participant. The service saves you the need to invest in building a communications infrastructure, buying the equipment, maintaining and supporting it and allows you to have unlimited conferences with only a monthly payment.
New - A video conference room available on a monthly basis, including a virtual room and a video conference of your system of your choice.
60 Seconds About Video Conferencing - Setup and Rental
An Individual License Includes:
  • Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) for a user or department
  • Personal Video Account – Makes you personal computer into a video endpoint
Service Abilities:
  • Up to 50 participants in a virtual room
  • Ability to join from any device or application
    • VC System from any manufacturer – Cisco, Polycom and others (H:323 or SIP Protocols)
    • Personal computer via a client (PC  or Mac)
    • Personal computer from any browser (WebRTC) – ideal for guests
    • Full adaptation for Skype for Business – bridging between the internal application with the external world
    • Smartphone or Tablet via the MMV (My Meeting Video) application
    • Telephony (Dial in PSTN) – local dial in numbers from around the world and a special application for the telephonic participant
  • Content Sharing from the personal computer
  • A simple application that is easy to use to join a conference and manage the room
  • A license management application for the company admin
  • Outlook add-on to invite participants to meetings in the virtual room
  • Live Streaming, recording, YouTube live and other third party application options
  • Leader code and participant code options
Service Features:
  • Unlimited video conferences
  • Set costs – set monthly cost with no variable charges that are dependent on use
  • Security – AES 128 bit and HTTPS encoding
  • Global Video Network
    • Full survivability and use of a high quality and secure network
    • 18 infrastructure sites (POPs) that are connected to a private MPLS network (US, Europe, Far East, Australia, China
    • Public Internet for the last mile
  • Technical support in Hebrew or English by Veidan’s conferencing experts
Just Join - Any Device, Any Place, Any time
Virtual Meeting Room Entry Screen
Additional Services:
  • Endpoint Subscription – register and manage the video systems in the company via the cloud
    • Individual name and address for every VC system
    • Automatic contact list
    • Firewall Traversal abilities for calls behind the corporate firewall
    • Secure video conferences on a secure network
    • End point monitoring – their use and functionality
    • Unique QR Code entry for each video system to quickly join a cloud video conference
  • Domain Hosting – allows you to have addresses, rooms and users under the customer’s domain (instead of veidan.co.il)

Benefits of the Service


New with our video service: Simultaneous Translation into Sign Language* via video conference.

In order to promote the accessibility for the deaf and hard of hearing population in Israel, we have launched  a service that helps companies that are hosting conferences, lectures and various events to include simultaneous translation into sign language via video conference.
How does it work?
The video of the speaker will be transferred live to the translation department at Veidan where the translator ‘s video will be broadcast at the place of the event. You do not need any special equipment to use the translation services, Veidan will provide everything you need according to the specific event and of course for the Sign Language translator.
The simultaneous translation will allow the event organizers to easily integrate the translation into Sign Language by overcoming the difficulties presented by distance and availability. They will thereby increase the audience for the event and provide accessibility to a population that until now, found attending such events not relevant.
*In September 2014 an expansion order to the Equal Rights for People with Disabilities law of 1998 was signed to promote employment of the disabled. The purpose of the order is to ensure the accessibility of the disabled to the environment, and thereby help them maximize their employment potential and benefit from services like any other person.