Managed Telephone Events

Veidan has extensive experience in setting up and operating virtual events. Our event operators will help you from the initial stages of decided which platform and which features to use for your event, to its completion, including professional moderation in Hebrew or English. The different services can serve as complementary elements or as cost-saving alternatives to events and physical conferences.
Telephone events are an alternative to physical conferences and lectures where a small number of people need to speak to a large audience.  Additionally, we offer a wide variety of complementary services for events, such as registration, recordings and more. The service is interactive and allows participants to react and ask questions in order.
Veidan’s customers that use the managed event services , use them for internal company conference calls and for calls with external participants, such as customers, suppliers, advisors, reporters, etc.
Investor Relations calls are a tool primarily used by companies traded on the Israeli stock market and/or foreign stock markets. These companies host public events like these around their quarterly results publications.  During these calls, senior company executives give a short review and discuss the results that were release in the report. The interactive stage allows participants to respond and ask questions.

Additional Services for Investor Relations Events:

  • Participant Registration
  • Dial Out Services
  • Remote Management
  • Event Recording
  • Webcast Streaming
  • Slide Presentation
  • Replay
  • Transcription and Translation

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Event Order Form

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