Dial Out Services (Autoplay)

Our Autoplay service allows customers to record a message or conference and then broadcast it to a large number of listeners. The broadcast is operated by a Veidan operator and sent to the list of listeners that the customer provides. The service allows you to dial out to thousands of listeners simultaneously. If a potential listener did not answer the phone in time, if he calls back to the number on the screen he will hear the recording. This service broadcasts audio quickly, effectively and in large numbers.
This service is has a number of uses, among them are: reviews by investment houses for internal and external advisors, broadcasting trainings and instructions for company employees, broadcasting holiday greetings from companies to their customers and/or employees, broadcast of various updates for customers and many other uses where you might need to broadcast a one-way audio message to a large number of recipients.
To listen to an example of a holiday greeting broadcast that was sent to thousands of our customers, click here.