Additional Services

Veidan supplies a wide range of additional services for audio conferences and managed telephone events that make your conferences more effective, professional and efficient. You can add one or more of the services to your conference based on the specific needs of your company. These services are meant to make managing the call easier from the ordering through the supervision and control of the active conference to the replay of the call afterwards.


The replay service allows your participants that did not take part in the live call, to call a specific number and hear the edited recording of the call at a time that is convenient for them. The service is available shortly after the end of the conference or event and is available for the amount of time predetermined by the customer. The listeners can control the replay (volume control, rewind, fast forward, etc.) using keys on their phones. The service is perfect for latecomers that want to follow the details of the call. Using this service, more people are able to listen than could originally participate in the conference.

Dial Out Services

In most conference calls, the participants call on their own to the dial in number provided for the conference. However, you can also include our proactive calling service which will dial out to all the participants or some of them, based on a list that you provide ahead of time. This service connects large numbers of participants efficiently, and is especially useful in calls where the organizer would like to maximize the number of participants or connect a specific group of people and save them the effort of dialing in on their own.

Translation and Transcription

Our translation and transcription service allows you to receive a full transcription of the conference for any internal or marketing purpose. Our professional staff of transcribers will record the minutes of your recorded conference call. We can then translate the transcription into a range of languages.
In order to ensure accuracy, we try to provide a team of transcribers for each task that is familiar with the topic of the call and is comfortable with the concepts. Additionally, there is strict quality control for every transcript.

Participant Registration

Just like in an event or physical conference, where participants register at the entrance, you can also have participant registration with your managed virtual event. A Veidan representative will answer every participant that calls the conference number, take down the participant’s details based on your request and will transfer the participant into the conference event. When the event ends, you will receive a list of the details of all the participants in the conference call. Participant registration can be done in Hebrew or English by native speakers. Veidan is set up to receive and register hundreds of participants simultaneously.
This service is ideal for audio conferences where it is important to you to know who participated or in calls where you would like enhanced security with an extra screening before participants enter the conference.

Remote Management

While hosting a conference call or an event with a large number of participants, there are two ways for you to control what is going on in the conference.
Using a web application, the Conference Manager allows you to have a behind-the-scenes picture of your conference call while it is going on. With a user name and password that will be provided, you can log into the application and view the participants connected to the conference and their statuses. This service is particularly effective as an aid for hosting a vote or an event independently, and as a way to identify the participants and determine the order that they will speak. In events with participant registration, you will also be able to see the names of the participants, disconnect participants, lock the call to prevent other participants from joining and more.
The Comms Line service provides you with a representative who will have an open phone line to you throughout the entire conference call and will provide you with behind-the-scenes information about your conference call. This service works well with telephone events, when you need to know the identity of the participants who are waiting in line to speak, and to reorder them as necessary.


With advance warning, you can record any conference or event . This service includes quality control and digital editing of the recording. We provide technical support throughout the recorded call as calls that need to be recorded are important calls and we want to make sure that the recording is of the highest quality. You can receive the recorded file on a CD via messenger service or registered mail or as an audio file via e-mail. Additionally, we can also upload it to the event archive on our website, as is done with some of the IR calls that we host. The basic service includes archive storage for three months.

Personal Greeting

When any participant calls Veidan’s conference bridge, they hear the same greeting that all the other participants hear that asks them to enter their conference passcode. Having a personal greeting allows you to create a personalized welcome message for your company’s virtual conference rooms. 

Webcast Streaming

This service allows participants to listen to live conference calls on their computers. We will provide you with a link that will allow thousands of participants to listen to your conference call. The service also allows sharing visual aids, such as slides, alongside the audio.
At your request, the participants can be screened using a passcode and by filling out their personal details before entering the stream. The service is ideal for a situation when you don’t need participant interaction, just to broadcast a message.

SMS, Fax Service

We can send participants invitations and reminders about conferences or background information such as the discussion topics, on your behalf.
According to your needs, to the type and amount of information, you can choose whether to send your message via SMS, fax or both.
All that you need to do is send us the list of recipients, the content that you want to send and when you want to send it. After the sending, you can receive a report that summarizes the status of all the messages sent.

Online Voting and Surveying

This is a great tool for decision making that transforms the telephone of every participant to a voting panel. After every vote (which is done by participants pressing keys on their phones), you receive a summary of the vote. 
This tool can be used with an event operator or using the Conference Manager. For every question, you predefine which number represents which answer and during the vote, the participants are asked to press the number that represents their answer. You can decide beforehand whether the vote will be anonymous or not, and in the report afterwards will reflect that.


We can set up a virtual mulit-line hotline to connect your customers with your advisors. For this purpose, we can provide you with a dial in number that you can publicize to your customers or any other group that you want. You can also include international toll-free numbers.
The customers that dial in to the call center will be received by representatives that will direct them to the professionals from your organization who are waiting in virtual conference rooms.
This is a great alternative to setting up your own call center and is perfect for crisis management or as an open line to your customers or an advice hotline with your experts.

Slide Presentation

Adding a visual aspect to your audio conference completes the whole experience and creates a real alternative to a frontal meeting in a conference room. The url and the entry password that we provide you will allow you to meet virtually with participants and share visual content with them such as slides, documents, reports and more.
Looking at a shared screen and the ability to add notes and indications on it, adds to the interaction and the effectiveness of the meeting. The service is especially good for training and lectures.