What is an Audio Conference?

Audio conferencing is an efficient alternative to face-to-face meetings with colleagues, customers and employees all over the world. The conference calls that Veidan supplies are hosted on the most advanced technology in the world and are backed up by an operations and support team that is available 24/7, ensuring the high quality of the conference call.
Conference rooms are available at any time, from anywhere, and all you need to host a conference call is a telephone.
60 Seconds About Audio Conferencing for Business

Hosting Conference Calls

At Veidan, we put an emphasis on meeting the needs of our customers.  To this end, we place various different tools at your disposal to enable you to hold conference calls in the most convenient way possible:
  • Personalization of the conference room such as entry and exit alerts and announcement languages.
  • “Reservationless” service which allows you to use our audio conferencing services independently, with a passcode, without prior arrangement.
  • Unlimited participants you can invite hundreds of participants to your conference call.
  • Unlimited number of conference rooms for each company which allows you to set up virtual conference rooms for different employees and departments.
  • Conference call security by setting a separate code for the conference leader. The code ensures that the conference will only begin when the leader enters the conference, the call can be locked to prevent anyone else from entering the conference, the leader can perform a roll call and more.

Connecting to a Conference Call

There are three ways to connect to a conference call and you can use any or all of them in your conference call:
“Meet-me Direct” – With this service, the participants will receive a local Israeli number (03) that they will dial, and according to the type of conference, they will be asked to enter their conference code, or they will be transferred directly to their conference.  In this way, each participant pays for their transmission charges and the customer only pays for the service.
“Meet-me 1-800”  - The conference call participants will join the conference using a toll-free number that allows them to connect for free from Israel and other business centers around the world. The customer then pays for transmission charges for all the participants so that they can connect to the conference for free.
“Dial-Out Service” – Participants will be connected by Veidan's operators to the conference according to the participant list that the customer sends. This connection method is best for top executives or other important participants, or those who can’t connect in any other manner.

Technical Support During the Conference Call

If you have any sort of trouble during the conference call, please press *0 (star zero) to get immediate assistance from an operator to find a solution.
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