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August 2018 - One Time Link to a Meeting in a Virtual Meeting Room

In every video conference link, security and privacy are among the most critical components. Because of this, we are happy to announce a new improvement to our cloud video conference rooms – a one-time link.
What is a one-time link to a meeting?
Today, we use our personal video rooms to host meetings. The virtual room already includes security features such as the ability to lock the room after all the required participants have joined, or use of a secret passcode that limits who can enter the conference, but the link to the video room always remains the same.
This means that anyone who has the link (even from meetings they were invited to in the past), can enter your personal room if you have not put any other limitation on it such as locking the room or changing the passcode.
This has the potential to cause problems in two situations:
  1. The room is in use constantly for meetings that are close together
  2. The contents of the meeting are confidential and someone uninvited enters the virtual meeting room.
A one-time link per meeting is unique and its validity expires as soon as the meeting is over. In this way, only someone invited to that specific meeting can enter using the special link. This new capability adds a whole new layer to the existing security measures and gives you more control over the way you secure your meetings.
How do you set up a meeting with a one-time link?
If you are using the Outlook add-on for meeting invitations, just make a new meeting. At this stage you will be asked to choose between a meeting with a one-time link or the standard link for your room. The default is to use a one-time link, but you can always change this setting. The connection information will automatically appear in the meeting invitation so that your guests will be able to join quickly and easily. You can create a meeting via the same process using the mobile application (Android or iOS).
Is there anything else that you need to know?
The ability to use the one-time link invite also exists in Offline mode, meaning, you don’t need to be connected to the internet. In this case, the service will remember your choice (up to a limited number of invites) and will send the invitations to the participants as soon as you are connected to the internet again.
When will this new capability be available?
This capability is already available to all users. Because it is still in beta testing, if you have any comments or critique, we are happy to hear what you have to say.

September 2017 - That was 60 Seconds of …

Video Conference is our “bread and butter”, we eat, sleep and breathe it daily with our customers and of course, use it ourselves, primarily with customers and suppliers.Video clips and video content is another thing. The world is moving toward video content, or is there already. So we decided to give you a little new content, in video form of course.
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March 2017 - A Purim Air before Passover

You can already see and feel spring in the air, and Daylight Savings is behind us. And that means that Passover is almost here.
As you know, the Seder night is the height of the holiday and is kind of a multi-party conference… But before it all happens, it’s important for us to remind you of something that happened over Purim.
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February 2017 - Amsterdam Below Zero…

Who is against whom in the world of conferencing? 2017 has begun and we are figuring out where the conferencing world is going.
For the past 18 years, Veidan’s staff has lived and breathed conferencing 24/7, and all the services surrounding conference calls.
As the years have passed the costs of millions of face-to-face meetings have been saved because of these easy-to-use services. Technology has changed since then, needs have changed, and in the past few years we have been witness to a huge range of new services in the worlds of audio, video, content sharing and everything in between.
So in order to stay as updated as possible, we decided to change out the air we were breathing in Petah Tikva and go, for the first time, to the ISE conference in cold, snowy Amsterdam.
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December 2016 - Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind
Every once in a while we meet new people, people that we don’t know personally. It could be at a social event, in reserve service, or the father of a child in the kindergarten or in a business setting like a conference or meeting or any other random meeting in our lives.
At some point, the same question always arises, “So what do you do? Veidan, what’s Veidan? What do you do?”
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November 2016 - Have you Heard About Houseparty?

It seems to be time to talk about it…
Even though the winter was a bit delayed, lately they have started to sprout like mushrooms after a rainstorm. What are “they”? Video chat apps. It all started a long time ago with Skype, then came the Israeli ooVoo and then Google Hangouts and Apple’s FaceTime.  Over the past few months Google Duo, Houseparty and Whatsapp video chat have joined them. Without a doubt, the accelerated age of technology has provided us with new innovations for visiting.
So what is the difference between them and a business video conference? Do these apps have the ability to “deliver the goods” and be a real alternative for a video conference? Unclear.
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October 2016 - The Do’s and Don’ts of a Professional Video Conference

The professional video conference has become part of our normal work routine. Most take place at our place of work, in the conference room, in a huddle room or in our personal office. Some take place at home, from a hotel, while traveling on business or any place that we are located in when we need to join a meeting.
The technology is there and ready. Participants don’t only join from traditional end point systems, but also from PCs, tablets and even smartphones. All in the same video conference. Video Collaboration.
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July 2016 - The Evolution of the Physical Button in the Virtual World

IoT – Internet of Things, is a the latest buzz word that everyone has been talking about over the past year. More and more physical items are connecting to the internet and enabling advanced communication between the item and information exchange and action. This communication brought about automation in many areas, such as the smart house, smart city and many devices in all aspects of our lives.
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June 2016 - The Birth of a New Category in the World of Video Conferencing

There is one thing in the world of video conferencing that no one disagrees about, in order to have a video conference you need two basic things – a camera and the ability to process video.
In a “classic” video conference the conference is held between two end points. Each end point has a video system manufactured by Polycom, Cisco, Avaya or others, and includes a high-quality pan-tilt-zoom camera and a codec that can compress and process video. Of course there are also microphones, speakers and projectors at each end.
So why do we sometimes avoid buying the necessary system? And why does the birth of a new intermediate category enable more and more companies to make the jump to the world of professional video conferencing?
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May 2016 - Web Conferencing and Video Conferencing – the Beginning of a Convergence

Web conferencing and video conferencing are two essentially different services, with different milestones and different evolutions, but they are in a process of convergence that sometimes blurs the lines between them.
The main question that arises when you want to examine the two services is the need. What is the customer’s specific need? And which of the different services will provide the customer with the most effectiveness.
So let’s make sense of things. Where are they similar? Where are they different? And most important, who and what are they meant for?
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April 2016 -The Wisdom of Crowds is proof again

It took exactly one hour from the time the event began until we went our separate ways.
When you don’t have to drive somewhere, look for parking, drive back home and let the babysitter leave, things are much easier.
Our customer event, held two weeks ago, proved that we can do things differently and more efficiently, while still being no less special or enjoyable. So what took place?
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February 2016 -The Story of a New Morning

Now we can say it. After an intense two-year process, a new morning has dawned on Veidan with the introduction of the new audio bridge.
What does this mean – why change and how did this vision become a reality?

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November 2015 - This Autumn is with a Cloud… 5 Things to do During Autumn in the World of Conferencing.

Autumn has its own special characteristics in terms of the weather, but also in other things. In the business world, along with Autumn comes “budget season” where companies begin to build the work plan for the coming year. This is exactly when we look at the previous three quarters and plan the upcoming year. So here are five things in the world of conferencing that fit Autumn and will help you get through the season in peace (and the season after it).

September 2015 - Are You Satisfied?

Transparency, learning and a desire to improve ourselves and our specializations are cornerstones of Veidan. At the end of the summer, we carried out a periodic customer satisfaction survey among our customers. Now, after we have finished analyzing the results, we are happy to share them, as well as the conclusions and insights that we have learned, with you. In the past we used to hold telephone surveys once a year, but this year, for the first time, we did an electronic survey that was send out in our monthly newsletter and in a link that was attached to the invoices.
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July 2015 - Necessity is Necessity, Whether in Business or in Private Life

From the day it was established, Veidan has supplied conferencing services to the business sector, whether it’s small law offices with two or three people or large hi-tech companies with hundreds and thousands of employees.
The services are business-related in their essence, and match the needs of the business sector in their ability, quality and service as well as the peace of mind that they provide to our customers. From time to time, we get requests from a private person that has been exposed to our services as a business customer and needs help with a personal need. When this happens we of course rise to the challenge and try to help.
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June 2015 - Everyone’s Talking about Clouds

Cloud services used to be one of the biggest buzz words that we heard in the media. Now we are talking about an everyday reality, not in every single area, but as time passes, cloud services pop up like mushrooms after a rainstorm… or like clouds flowing in the wind.
We use cloud services more and more in our personal lives. We backup our phones on the cloud, we save our digital pictures, track our exercise and even share files, videos and music.  All on the cloud.
On the professional side, we talk about completely different services. The organizations’ requirements for transferring certain activities to the cloud, are naturally very different and more stringent.
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May 2015 - Behind the Scenes of our New Brochure

It was time to update Veidan’s brochure. That was the clear decision that we made at a recent staff meeting.  Some of the information in the present brochure was no longer relevant, new services were not included in it and in general, it lost some of its magic. Not to mention, it got a bit old.So we started on our way, obviously with a very short time frame (we wanted it to be ready before the coming conference), to making our new brochure. And how is this connected to “Hayeladim Mishchunat Haim”? You’ll see in a moment…
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April 2015 - Virtual Events – a Matter of Reality

Winter, spring, summer and fall – at Veidan the word “season” has a different meaning and a different times. Most of Veidan’s conferences are live services, conferencing and communication services provided in real time; audio conferences, web-based conferences and of course video conferences. But at the top of these different services lies our managed virtual events which pick up during the “IR season” and always bring with them a certain amount of excitement and general alertness. (IR – Investor Relations)
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March 2015 - Authorized Entry Only

A new product release is coming. Confidentiality is the name of the game here. You can’t let the date of the release and the abilities of the product be known to early.
As part of the preparations you set up a conference call in the calendar with a few colleagues and three “outside” participants. You need to settle the final details. The last thing you need is that someone else will discover everything. We are here for exactly this need.
The security of our conferences (audio and video) is of prime importance to us at Veidan. Even the “simplest” of calls are secured in the best way possible.
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February 2015 - Blue and Black or Gold and White? What Should You Wear for a Professional Video Conference?

During the last week of February, the internet “broke” over a picture of a two-colored dress that aroused a huge argument. Was the dress blue and black or gold and white? It seems that despite the dress actually being blue and black, because of an optical illusion, the human brain chooses the color based on the shadow that it identifies and so some of us mistakenly identified the colors as gold and white. The picture was first posted on a Scottish musician’s blog, and went viral on news sites throughout the world and of course on social media sites with the hashtag #thedress.
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January 2015 - How do you know if you need video conferencing in your company?

It’s 2015. Video technology is already part of the day to day routine for users in all different sectors – the public sector, academia, entertainment, traditional industry, in small and large companies. And even so, video conferencing is a new concept for many. In order to know if you need to implement video conferencing in your company, you need to ask yourself a few questions:
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December 2014 - The Future is Already Here

The “adults” among us remember the amazing movie trilogy “Back to the Future” from the 80s.  In the second chapter of the trilogy, which was released in 1989, the protagonists Doc, Marty and Jennifer travel to the future in 2015. To be more specific, to October 21, 2015. The movie starts off in 1985 and brings its characters to the future, and here we are, practically there ourselves.
But how is this connected to us? What kind of cool things did we have “then” in 2015?
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November 2014 - Way back in the Dawn of Time...

Lenin, the first leader of the Former Soviet Union said that there can be no revolution without guns. When we talk about the communication revolutions that have happened since the dawn of time, it’s not clear that guns are involved, but we are definitely talking about real revolutions.
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October 2014 - What is Your Company’s Conference Room Called?

Have you ever thought about how conference rooms are named and what that says about the company?
Professional corporate literature places a lot of importance on the names of conference rooms and insists that giving creative names helps raise morale among employees. This is because it helps the employees create a unique social culture that, at times, can even spread outwards to visitors who come to the company.
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September 2014 - Check yourself – are you polite in all your business meetings?

Proper behavior and respect is important when we do business overseas. But something that is acceptable and customary in one country might be considered rude in another.
Here I have attached a useful infographic that might help – a condensed guide to global behavior. 35 tips for ten different countries (h/t to Zendesk).
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August 2014 - Virtual vs. Physical

I feel like there is nothing that exists in the physical world that does not have a parallel in the virtual world. A virtual world, virtual tour, virtual store, newspaper, server, currency and even friends. Suddenly, it seems that all the virtual parallels are even more real in our world.
Yes, with some things, there is nothing like the “real thing,” taking a real tour, entering a real physical store and meeting a real friend, but for some of them, the virtual version has many advantages over the original, physical, version.
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July 2014 - Rooms for Rent by the Hour

No, it’s not what you think. We haven’t expanded our product offering that far :-).  But yes, we also provide rooms by the hour, video conference rooms.
In this post, I have chosen to bring you behind the scenes in our video conferencing rooms. One of the services that Veidan has provided for many years is renting out conference rooms that are fully equipped with everything you need for a video conference. This service is available for one-time and regular customers.
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June 2014 - In Honor of the Coming Summer

Summer vacation is here, well, not ours, but our kids’.
Despite the fact that it comes by every year, somehow it manages to surprise us each time. Even though we plan ahead properly, we sign up the kids for camp, we set up dates when they will camp out at the grandparents or at the cousins in the north/south/center (cross out what is extra). And out of the 60-70 days of vacation, we also have to take our turns as the entertainers. And after all this, there will still be “holes” in the calendar, either long or short, until they return to school.
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April 2014 - There is a Grain of Truth Behind Every Joke

This time, I have chosen to present three different clips that deal with the more humorous side of the conferencing world. True, in some of the videos, the humor comes from exaggerating reality, but sometimes reality is actually not that different.
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March 2014 - On Video Conferences and Peace Talks

Is it possible that peace between Israel and the Palestinians is being negotiated via video conference?
The present round of peace talks began on July 30th 2013. It includes on the Israeli side, the Minister of Justice, Tzipi Livni and the Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and on the Palestinian side, MP Saeb Erakat and Chairman of the Palestinian Authority Abu Mazen. The talks are being held under the auspices of the United States and are being mediated by Martin Indyk, the fomer US ambassador to Israel, John Kerry the Secretary of State and of course, President Barak Obama. Obviously there are many other participants from all the sides that are part of the peace talks in one form or other.
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February 2014 - On Sustainability, a Green Earth and Everything in Between

Once they called it “the environment,” now they call it “sustainability.” These are actually similar terms and refer to a phenomenon that is spreading out of necessity. It seems like in every area today, the term sustainability has become relevant. Our reality has to deal with air pollutions, land pollution, water pollution and global warming. As a result, every one of us needs to be conscious and make an extra effort in our daily routines, for our own surroundings as well as for the whole Earth.
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January 2014 - What is the difference between a selfie and a professional video conference?

In 2012, Time Magazine chose the word “selfie” as one of the top ten buzzwords of the year.  The year after, it was officially entered into the Oxford dictionary, a dictionary that is considered the most comprehensive and reliable for the English language. It was even chosen by the dictionary editors as the word of the year.
A selfie is a self-portrait, generally taken with a digital camera or a smartphone camera. In fact, the first self-portrait was taken over 150 years ago by an American photographer, and an amateur self-portrait was first taken over 100 years ago with a camera and a mirror.
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December 2013 - Opening Post

Why a blog?
I have wanted to write a blog about the world of conferencing and virtual conferences for a while, and it has been sitting on my to-do list on my smartphone for just as long. Putting up a new website for Veidan is the trigger to make it finally happen.
We, at Veidan, breathe conferencing around the clock… but what does that mean?
It means that at every moment during the day there is a conference being hosted on one of Veidan’s bridges. It means that our communications rooms are working and being monitored non-stop. And it means that our service and support staff are alert and ready for you at all times. Because we are here to supply a multiparty communications experience.
Okay, but why a blog?

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