About Veidan

Veidan is Israel's first and largest conferencing company. Since 1999, Veidan has led the market with a variety of quality solutions for all multi-party, business communication needs. Veidan has saved its customers millions of face-to-face meetings with our audio, video and web conferences, as well as virtual events that host thousands of participants from all over the world.
Our service department is staffed by service representatives of the highest quality. We speak your language, understand your issues and are set up to provide a solutions to any question, anywhere in the world, 24/7.
Among the solutions that Veidan offers are:
· Audio Conferencing, which also includes managed and un-managed telephone events, replay of events and dial-out services.
· Video Conferencing Service and Products which includes renting video conference rooms, advanced video bridging, video conferences at the customer’s location and setup and installation of video conferencing equipment at the customer’s site.
· Cloud Video Conferencing to allow you to host a video conference anywhere from any device. You can join a high quality video conference via a virtual conference room from a variety of devices - VC system by any manufacturer, PC, tablet or smartphone. This advanced service provides a window to so many other uses for video conferencing, such as for business, academic, or legal needs. The ease of use and intuitiveness allow participants to be focused on the content of the meeting and not the technology it is being transferred on.
· Host meetings and virtual conferences via web conferencing - using Cisco’s Webex service.
· Audio Conference Equipment – conference phones and communications systems made by Polycom and headsets for phones and computers made by Plantronics enhance your conference room or personal workspace and through that, your conference quality and experience.
With all the solutions provided by Veidan, the emphasis is always on security, quality of communications and the highest level of service possible. The quality of our solutions and a high level of service are always a priority while we are serving thousands of companies and leaders in the Israeli market. Among our customers are hi-tech companies, banks, investment houses, venture capital funds, law offices, accounting offices, PR companies, public and government offices, traditional industrial companies and others. In fact, most of the leading companies and organizations in Israel host most of their meetings in Veidan’s virtual conference center or with one of our many services.
*Cloud Service – remote management which saves investment costs in infrastructure and equipment maintenance.


Business Affiliates

Nextel Systems
Gelbart Kahana - Investor Relations


Hi-Tech Companies
Investment Houses
Venture Capital Funds
Goverment Offices
Law and Accounting Offices
Banking and Capital Markets
Publicly Traded Companies
Universities and Colleges

Service Commitment

We are here to connect you, virtually and securely, with people all over the world as an economic and high-quality alternative to a face-to-face meeting. We commit to:

Courteous and professional service – our call center is staffed with multi-lingual conference service professionals that commit to providing service courteously and efficiently. As a company that was created to save time for businesses, we respect our customer’s time and strive to provide effective solutions as quickly as possible.

Advanced and high-quality service – we commit to do our utmost in order to continue and offer our customers the most advanced solutions in the world of conferencing, with an emphasis on the quality and stability of the technologies.

Fair Service – we promise our customers that they will receive the full value for their money. For the price of our services, we promise available service, with high quality, secure technology and personnel that is courteous, professional and patient.

A rigid adherence to information security – we are aware of the sensitivity of the information that is transferred over our systems and we invest a lot in order to ensure that our customers will benefit from the best security. Any conference of any size and of any type that is held through Veidan is as secure as a regular phone call between two people.

Honoring contracts and commitments – we faithfully fulfill all of our obligations with whoever comes in contact with our company.

Respect our customers, their desires and complaints even after the service was provided – we strive for a long-term relationship with our customers and this means that we act fairly regardless of the stage of communication. This approach has proved itself from the day the company was started and is reinforced every day.

Contribution to the Community

Here at Veidan, we believe that one of the most important obligations of any company, large or small, is contributing to the community. Our small part in this venture is expressed in the following ways:

Aid to Organizations
In Israel, there are many organizations that do a wonderful job in supporting weak populations and fixing social injustices. In general, their budgets are dependent on donations and they must be very frugal with their expenses. Beyond the fact that hosting teleconferences to help their business is cheaper and more efficient for them, Veidan also subsidizes its services and allows these organizations to use them at cost.

Monetary Donations
Veidan sets aside financial resources every year in order to help organizations and associations. In the past year, we donated money to ELIYA – the Association for Blind and Visually Impaired Children. Additionally, we donate regularly to Ezer Miziyon, an organization that works to increase the bone marrow donation registry.

Environment (food for thought…)
Veidan works in a field which in and of itself contributes to caring for the environment. Using the various conferencing solutions as an alternative to face-to-face meetings saves on travel and reduces air pollution and gas usage. Think of a typical situation of a meeting between five people who work in different offices. Even if all the offices are located in Tel Aviv, the average travel time for four of them is not less than half an hour, which makes the total driving time for all of them no less than two hours which just adds to the pollution in the city. Now multiply that situation by the number of similar business meetings that take place every day and add on events and conferences with hundreds of participants and meetings with participants in different cities or even different countries…